Oil Changes for life (a $499 value) is provided to you at no cost as part of this promotion. Covers oil changes for as long as you own your vehicle. This service is non-transferrable. Covers up to 4 oil changes per year. Free Oil Change for Life program is offered through Car Pros Automotive Group, not through the manufacturer, and is available at the Washington area Car Pros dealer where your vehicle was purchased  only.


WHAT IS COVERED: Except as otherwise expressly provided in this agreement, this agreement shall obligate the Provider to provide the services set forth below for the duration of this agreement and without additional charge, based upon the specific service interval as set by the manufacturer. The services will be performed only at the location of the Selling Dealer. Oil change with OEM compliant oil and filter, and chassis lubrication. Safety inspection to include exterior lights, head lamps, horn, wiper blades, tire inflation, emergency brake and exhaust system; inspection and adjustment of drive belts, brakes hoses, fuel hose and constant velocity joint boots; fluid and coolant check and renewal to include transmission fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, window washer fluid, engine coolant; inspection of air filter and breather element

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: Any items or services, including preventative maintenance services and repairs resulting from inspection services, not listed under the "WHAT IS COVERED" section above. Maintenance services and parts described in the Manufacturer's Maintenance Schedule for your vehicle. Other normal maintenance services and parts including engine tune-up (includes spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor), EGR valve, batteries, filters, lubricants or fluids, air conditioning refrigerant, engine coolant, all hoses and belts (not specifically listed). brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums; wheel alignment, tires, wheel balancing, shock absorbers, exhaust system, friction clutch disc, pressure plate and clutch throw-out bearing. Glass, glass framework, fastening adhesives, sealed beams, light bulbs, lenses, trim moldings, bright metal, upholstery, paint, sheet metal, body panels, structural framework, structural welds and wiper blades, Maintenance services provided by anyone other than the Selling Dealer. Commercial use is excluded and will void coverage under this service agreement.

WHAT TO DO FOR SERVICE COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT: At each service interval, you must deliver your vehicle to the Selling Dealer for service covered by this agreement. In-home service shall not be provided. You are solely responsible for delivering your vehicle to the Selling Dealer. Coverage is obtained by presenting THIS Agreement (provided to you at time of purchase) to the Selling Dealer.

CANCELLATION: As this service is provided at no cost, cancellation is not subject to a refund.

TRANSFER OF VEHICLE OWNERSHIP: In the event you sell or transfer the covered vehicle, this agreement shall terminate.