We want to make sure your car buying experience from Car Pros is easy and care-free. 

Introducing the Car Pros Million Mile Limited Warranty! Now you can rest easy knowing your new car purchase is protected for 1,000,000 miles. You read that right. FOR 1,000,000 MILES. And the best part of this already great feature is that it comes at no additional cost to you. Read on to learn more about what the 1,000,000 Mile Limited Warranty provides.

Our new cars already come with an amazing warranty but if you love your car and plan to keep it even longer, wouldn't you want to be protected just in case? Our 1,000,000 Mile Limited Warranty covers your powertrain for as long as you own your car. Click here for detailed information.

In addition, you'll receive 10 years of Roadside Assistance. Whether you have a flat tire, need a jump start or towing, we've got you covered. 

Warranty Term 

This Warranty begins at 12:01 AM (your local time) on the Warranty Issue Date and expires when the Warranty Holder no longer owns the Vehicle. 

What This Warranty Covers 

This Warranty provides for Repairs on certain Covered Parts as stated below. We will act with reasonable promptness to perform or authorize Covered Repairs upon your contacting us or the Administrator, subject to the availability of repair resources during normal business hours. In circumstances where we are not performing the Repairs, we will not pay for expenses that exceed the manufacturer's suggested retail price or the posted hourly labor rate for the repair facility multiplied by the appropriate operation time, as published in a nationally-recognized labor time guide. You will be responsible for paying any excess costs charged by the repair facility. We will not reimburse you or a repair facility to the extent a Mechanical Breakdown is also covered by the manufacturer's warranty, regardless of whether the manufacturer honors its coverage obligation. We reserve the right to inspect the Vehicle and its maintenance records and to request proof of its ownership in the event of a Mechanical Breakdown claim. We reserve the right to recoup any amount we paid or incurred for a Covered Repair to the extent you recover more than your actual loss collectively from us and one or more third parties. Coverage is limited to the Vehicle parts and other items described below: Gasoline/Diesel Engine: all internal lubricated parts  engine block  cylinder head(s)  exhaust manifold  expansion plugs  harmonic balancer  intake manifold  mounts  oil pan (excluding drain plug related failures)  rotary engine rotor housing  timing belt/chain and tensioner  timing chain cover  valve cover(s)  water pump  electric coolant pump  electric oil pump  diesel accessory vacuum pump, lift pump, injectors and injector pump  manufacturer-installed turbocharger(s), bypass valve(s), blow-off valve(s), intercooler and waste gate(s)  manufacturer installed supercharger. Transmission (Automatic, Continuous Variable (CVT), Standard and Transfer Case): all internal / internally lubricated parts  metal cooler lines  mounts  throttle valve cable  torque convertor  flywheel/flexplate  transmission and transfer case housing  transmission cooler  oil pan  vacuum modulator  external and internal control unit  automatic electronic clutches. Drive Axle (Front/Rear/AWD/4 Wheel Drive): all internal lubricated parts within the drive/transaxle assembly and housing, including axles and axle bearings  constant velocity joints  drive shaft support  differential cover  hub bearings  front hub locking assemblies  drive shaft  universal joints  four wheel drive actuator. Hybrid Vehicle: hybrid vehicle electric motor assembly  electronic transmission/transaxle assembly  transmission control (ECU)  electric traction-drive motor assembly. Filters, Fluids, Lubricants and Taxes: filters, fluids, lubricants and taxes required to complete a Covered Repair for any Covered Part listed above. Seals and Gaskets: Seals and gaskets for all Covered Parts listed above when subject to a Covered Repair. 

Reporting a Mechanical Breakdown Claim 

In the event of a Mechanical Breakdown, follow these procedures: 1. Take immediate action to prevent further damage to the Vehicle. 2. Return the Vehicle to us or, at our option, take the Vehicle to an authorized licensed repair facility before the Warranty Term expires. If you are more than 50 miles from us, you may take the Vehicle to the nearest available licensed repair facility. Call or have the repair facility call the Administrator at 1-800-222-2721 to obtain authorization. Provide a copy of this Warranty or the Warranty number, if possible. 3. Authorize disassembly of the Vehicle if disassembly is necessary to diagnose the cause and cost of the reported Mechanical Breakdown. You will be responsible for any disassembly charges if the associated Repairs are not Covered Repairs. 4. If requested, provide us or the authorized repair facility with copies of the Vehicle's maintenance records. 5. If the Covered Repair is performed by a repair facility other than ours, you or the repair facility must furnish the Administrator with copies of an itemized, dated repair order and paid receipt(s) within 90 calendar days after the Covered Repair is performed. 

Substitute Transportation Benefit 

During the Warranty Term, we will reimburse you for expenses to rent a substitute vehicle from a licensed rental car agency or for public or private commercial transportation while the Vehicle is undergoing a Covered Repair, subject to the remaining provisions of this paragraph. We will pay or reimburse you for actual expenses incurred. You are responsible for providing the Administrator with copies of receipts or other documents supporting these expenses within 90 calendar days after the costs are incurred. We will regard any applicable taxes as part of the expense. You must make your own arrangements for substitute transportation. We will not reimburse you to the extent you are entitled to substitute transportation benefits or reimbursement from another source. A daily benefit (capped at $25 per actual day that expenses are incurred) will be earned as set forth in the following table. Call 1-800-222-2721 to request reimbursement.


If YOU experience a breakdown YOU agree to:
  • Use all reasonable means to protect YOUR VEHICLE from further damage.
  • Safely pull YOUR VEHICLE off the road and shut down the engine immediately when the oil warning light/gauge or the temperature warning light/gaugeindicates a problem.
  • Return YOUR VEHICLE to the SELLING DEALERSHIP for covered MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN repairs, if you are within 50 miles. If you are more than50 miles from the SELLING DEALERSHIP then you may take YOUR VEHICLE to any ASE Licensed repair facility in the US and Canada.
  • Authorize YOUR SELLING DEALERSHIP or ASE Licensed repair facility to perform necessary diagnostic work and provide them with YOUR "teardownauthorization" so they can provide an accurate diagnosis and estimate of repairs to the ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Furnish the ADMINISTRATOR with such information as may reasonably be required.
  • Allow the ADMINISTRATOR to examine YOUR VEHICLE if asked to do so.
  • Accept that all repairs must be authorized by the ADMINISTRATOR prior to beginning any repairs covered by this WARRANTY.
Limits of Liability 
The total dollar benefits paid under this Warranty are limited to the Vehicle Purchase Price. The total dollar benefit paid for any given Covered Repair is limited to the average trade-in value of the Vehicle (excluding tax, title and license fees) immediately prior to the Mechanical Breakdown based on the then most recent National Automobile Dealer Association Used Car Guide (or a comparable guide, if that guide has been discontinued). 
Roadside Assistance will be provided to YOU on the covered VEHICLE for 10 years from the VEHICLE PURCHASE DATE up to a maximum of$80 per occurrence:
  • Towing - If an emergency tow is required as a result of a COVERED BREAKDOWN.
  • Battery Service - A "jump start" will be applied in an attempt to startthe covered VEHICLE.
  • Flat Tire Change - Service will be provided to remove the flat tire and replace it with YOUR properly inflated spare tire.
  • Lockout - If YOUR keys areaccidentally locked inside the covered VEHICLE, we will provide assistance to gain entry to the VEHICLE with YOUR proper identification.
  • Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery -If YOUR VEHICLE requires an emergency supply of fuel, oil, fluid or water we will arrange a delivery to YOU. YOU will be required to pay for the actual costs of the Fuel, Oil,Fluid or Water when it is delivered, if so requested. No service may be duplicated within 72 hours of the initial request.
For Emergency Roadside Services call 1-800-380-2165.
As with any vehicle, proper care and maintenance is necessary to ensure the operating components function as intended,especially those related to the powertrain. YOU will need to perform regular and proper maintenance to the powertrain components of YOUR VEHICLE covered by this WARRANTY inorder to receive benefits. Please refer to maintenance schedule outlined in the Owner's Manual published by the VEHICLE'S Manufacturer or other similar manual providing the sameservicing information for YOUR make and model VEHICLE for additional maintenance guidance. If YOU are not sure of the manufacturer's recommended maintenance intervals, itis YOUR responsibility to contact the nearest dealership of the make of YOUR VEHICLE or US for this information. If requested, proof of required service including verifiablestore receipts showing date, mileage, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the VEHICLE at the time of service must be presented in order to have repairs begin onYOUR VEHICLE. Failure to provide verifiable receipts of required maintenance may result in the denial of coverage.

Exclusions and Other Coverage Limitations 

This Warranty does not cover the following: 

1. Repairs or replacements falling within any of the following descriptions: not authorized in advance  performed outside of the United States, its territories and possessions, or Canada  constituting upgrades or changes recommended by a repair facility or manufacturer and repair or replacement of parts to improve the Vehicle's operating performance when, in either case, a Mechanical Breakdown has not occurred  to address noises such as rattles and squeaks not attributable to or indicative of a Mechanical Breakdown  to address water or air leaks  to a cellular phone or any communication, navigational or entertainment device because it was rendered inoperable due to exposure to malware or change(s) in content, wireless service or technology, including the cost to update or upgrade software  to remedy the failure of heated/cooled seat part(s) resulting from accidental punctures or cuts in fabric or leather, spilled fluids or abuse (such as standing or jumping on the seat)  to address oil sludging, oil consumption, burnt valves, engine compression or engine detonation failure. 

2. Damages and costs falling within any of the following descriptions: arising from fraud, bad faith or personal injury  punitive or exemplary  to property, other than as specifically covered in this Warranty  attorney fees  arising from unauthorized diagnostic time, hazardous waste disposal, environmental fees, core charges, freight charges or fuel surcharges. 

3. If the Vehicle falls within any of the following descriptions: is used for competitive driving, racing, snow plowing or police or emergency services  is driven by multiple, unrelated drivers (such as a fleet vehicle)  is used commercially  is, after the Warranty Issue Date, retrofitted with aftermarket equipment to use alternative fuels or equipped with an odometer that does not accurately indicate actual miles driven because it was disconnected, altered, tampered with or not promptly repaired  has, after the Warranty Issue Date, been altered beyond the manufacturer's specifications or had a manufacturer-installed truck bed replaced with a substitute truck bed or other parts or equipment. 

4. A Mechanical Breakdown or damage to a part resulting from or falling within any of the following descriptions: your negligence or misuse  improper servicing  failure to perform general and safety-related maintenance required or recommended by the Vehicle manufacturer or your State  the failure to take reasonable precautions to prevent further damage when an apparent problem exists  continued operation of the Vehicle in an overheated state  collision, upset, civil commotion, riot, illegal acts, nuclear events, war, or terrorism  contamination of any fluid  use of fluids and fuels that are not compatible with your Vehicle  rust or corrosion  water, explosion, acts of nature or other external forces or events  a mechanical or structural flaw acknowledged by the manufacturer or that the manufacturer will repair at its expense  failure of a Covered Part when caused by the failure of or damage to a non-covered part  failure of a non-covered part even if caused by the failure of a Covered Part  reverse polarity, power surges and overloaded circuits. 

5. A part falling within any of the following descriptions: weather strips  batteries  hybrid vehicle battery pack/module, external battery charger and service plug  body and trim items (such as upholstery, seat frames, conventional seat belt assembly, glass of any kind, sheet metal, bright metals, sealed beams, paint, sunroof assembly, convertible top and removable hardtop)  after-market (non-manufacturer) equipment and manufacturer equipment not installed by the manufacturer  any replacement part not of the same kind and quality as the manufacturer-installed part it replaced or incompatible with the design specifications and wear tolerances of the Vehicle manufacturer  mobility or conversion equipment  any part(s) not specified under "What This Warranty Covers." 

6. Any of the following parts, services and items generally constituting scheduled maintenance and wear-damaged items: belts (except timing belts)  fasteners  brake drums  brake rotors and brake cables  exhaust systems  all friction materials  valve grinding  hoses  all fluid caps and reservoirs  all illumination devices  head and tail light assemblies  fuses lubricants (except to complete a Covered Repair)  brackets  throw out bearing  pilot bushing and manual clutch parts  spark plugs and wires  tires  wheels/rims  wheel balancing  wiper arms and blades  adjustments and alignments  shop supplies  any other items subject to scheduled maintenance or wear damage. Limits of Liability The total dollar benefits paid under this Warranty are limited to the Vehicle Purchase Price. The total dollar benefit paid for any given Covered


  • WE, US, OUR, ADMINISTRATOR, ADMINISTRATOR OBLIGOR - means United Car Care Inc., 5700 S Quebec St Ste 110, Greenwood Village, CO80111, 1-800-571-2016.
  • YOU, YOUR, PURCHASER - is the individual person or entity named in the information section of this WARRANTY.
  • SELLING DEALERSHIP, DEALERSHIP - means the DEALERSHIP named in the information section of this WARRANTY where you purchased thedescribed VEHICLE.
  • VEHICLE - means the covered VEHICLE identified in the information section of this WARRANTY.
  • DEDUCTIBLE - means the amount YOU must pay, per visit, against the COVERED BREAKDOWN REPAIR COSTS.
  • WARRANTY EFFECTIVE DATE - means the date YOU purchased the described VEHICLE.
  • EFFECTIVE DATE - means the date coverage takes effect under this WARRANTY, which shall be the same date as the VEHICLE purchase date.
  • WARRANTY EXPIRATION - means when the mileage or time limits, whichever occurs first, of this Limited WARRANTY has been reached.
  • WARRANTY, AGREEMENT - means this document which conveys certain benefits to the VEHICLE PURCHASER named herein.
  • COVERED COMPONENT - means a part or assembly that is eligible for coverage, subject to the terms and conditions of this WARRANTY.
  • COVERED BREAKDOWN - means a MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN which is eligible for coverage, subject to the terms and conditions of this WARRANTY.
  • MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN, MECHANICAL FAILURE, FAILURE - means the inability, because of a defect or faulty workmanship, of any COVEREDCOMPONENT(S), which have received the Manufacturer's recommended services, to perform the function or functions for which it was designed. Thisdoes not include diminished operating performance due to wear and tear, which is not covered.
  • REPAIR COST - means the customary parts and labor charges required to complete the COVERED BREAKDOWN repair, which in no case shall exceedthe manufacturer's suggested retail price for parts and time / labor allowances as defined in the manufacturer's labor time guide or other nationally recognizedparts and labor time guides. At our discretion, replacement parts used in the repair of COVERED BREAKDOWNS may include remanufactured, non-original manufacturer parts, new or used parts that meet OUR quality standards.


The aggregate total of all benefits payable under this AGREEMENT are limited to the actual cash value (ACV) of the VEHICLE at the time of loss. The NADA UsedCar Guide will be used to determine the actual cash value (ACV) of YOUR VEHICLE.
All Implied Warranties which may arise under state law, including all Implied Warranties of Merchantability or Fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the durationof the WARRANTY and do not cover incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an Implied Warranty lasts or the exclusionof incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. When a COVERED MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN is covered byan insurance policy, vehicle service contract, manufacturer certification program, or any warranty from the manufacturer, such as extended drive train, major componentor full coverage warranties, or a repairer's guarantee warranty then coverage will not apply. Further, Coverage under this WARRANTY is similarly limited in the eventof a Breakdown if the manufacturer has announced its responsibility through any means, including public recalls and factory service bulletins. The WARRANTY givesyou specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
This AGREEMENT is Non-Cancelable and Non-Transferable.