Air filters are an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. They filter the air going into the engine to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly with the best mileage, most efficient performance, and most power. 


A general rule of thumb is to check your air filter at each oil change. It may not always need to be replaced, but that is a good time to check as you are already under the hood of your vehicle.


Here are some basic steps on changing your air filter. It is recommended to also read your Owner’s Manual to see if there are any special circumstances regarding your vehicle’s air filter. 

  1. Locate the air filter - it is usually in a black box that sits on top of or to the side of your engine.
  2. Open the air filter housing (black box) and remove the old filter. Be cautious of any hoses.
  3. Be sure to wipe out any dust or debris inside the housing that did not attach to the filter.
  4. Insert the new air filter into the housing - rubber rim up.
  5. Close the housing back up, fasten any screws, clips, etc., back on and place the housing back to its position. That’s it! 

While this is not a difficult task to handle on one’s own, Car Pros Kia Renton Service Department is here to help you if needed or to take on this task during a service appointment with us. Our Service Department is open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm and is located at 200 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057. We proudly serve the Renton, Kent, and Seattle areas. If you have any questions about our Service Department, feel free to reach us at 888-773-2251.

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