Kia Delivers Another Stunning New Concept

Last month at Renton Kia, we absolutely ate up all the info we could about the cool new Kia Trail'ster concept--Kia's all-wheel drive, off-roading hybrid. We were hungry for more. But how could we expect TWO amazing new concept models within just a few months of each other?

Fortunately for us--and for fun-loving drivers in the Renton, WA area--Kia is full of surprises, and they trotted out their second concept of the season at the recent 2015 Geneva Motor Show. A cherry-red wagon with a long, sleek, sport-based body and a sweeping panoramic moonroof encase a high-end interior reminiscent of luxury sports cars.

Take a look at this exhilarating new idea from the Kia brand: the Kia SPORTSPACE.

Some Kia fans theorize that the Kia SPORTSPACE is a logical evolution of the current new Kia Optima, but others argue that the SPORTSPACE is capable of joining the new Kia lineup as its own model.

Let us know your thoughts. Weigh in, in the comments section below.

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